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Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

Foto Seksi Titi Kamal

Titi kamal is the Artis Indonesia who has a very pretty face. However, the face that is owned by a Wanita Pribumi face, not face Sexy Girls and Children clubbing. Likewise with a beautiful body he has, has an exotic skin color and skin color also an Wanita Pribumi. Career he had in the world of film, very impressive. Starting from the films Indonesian sinetron or Sinetron Indonesia, then titi kamal become famous celebrities Indonesian origin. In addition to the film world, titi kamal also began playing in the music world, this beautiful woman is also a famous singer. When the singing and acting in Sinetron Indonesia, Artis Sinetron Indonesia is having a lot of fans, because this Payudara Wanita very Big and Beautiful. This is one sexy titi kamal picture while wearing kebaya Indonesian origin, really Payudara Besar titi kamal display.

Foto Seksi Titi Kamal
Foto Seksi Titi Kamal

Payudara Wanita Seksi Titi Kamal
Titi Kamal Kemben Melorot

Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

Foto Seksi Cut Tari Hot

Cut Tari is Wanita Seksi and Sexy Girl from Indonesia. Cut Tari is a famous artist and also a presenter. Apart from the beautiful face, Cut Tari also has beautiful hair and skin. because Seksi and Hot, a lot of men interested in her. Perhaps because the artist has a secret beauty of this beautiful woman. Cut Tari was born in Jakarta on 1 November 1977. In addition to beautiful presenters, dance is also cut a Pemain Sinetron Cantik. Cut Tari the body is very beautiful, has a very smooth skin and white. Cut so that the dance is also often a famous magazine model, and is a sexy model from Indonesia. and also models with a style that is very elegant and feminine.

Recently circulated Vidio Mesum Ariel dan Cut Tari, in videos, revealing a Cut Tari Beautiful, and smooth. In the Vidio Mesum Artis, someone who really resembles the face of the cut Tari being Telanjang with ariel. if you want to have photos of sexy Cut-Tari, please visit our website photo gallery artist, and Cut-Tari Gallery Photo.

Vidio Cut Tari dan Ariel
Foto Cut Tari

Vidio Mesum Cut Tari
Foto Seksi Cut Tari

Vidio Mesum mirip Ariel dan Cut-Tari

Minggu, 29 November 2009

Tamara Blezinsky Seksi Air Terjun Pengantin

Tamara Blezinsky air terjun pengantin

film bioskop Tamara Blezinsky

Tamara Blezinsky bikini

Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

Artis Cantik Luna Maya

Luna maya is a beautiful actress indonesian and Artis Cantik Indonesia. Hot Actress, Beautiful girl from indonesian and sexy girl or asian sexy girl, asian beautiful girl.
Luna Maya bugil
Foto Cantik

Luna Maya telanjang
Luna Maya

Ariel 'Peterpan' and Luna Maya looks sheepish when one stage Sunday (19/4/2009) the night. Sejoli the digosipkan recently married in Bali for the first time show a little intimacy. Ariel Luna kissed cheeks.

Events that rarely appear in the display glass for the first time it happened while Ariel Peterpan crew and other ascended the stage at the event Dahsyatnya Award, in the Dome, Carnival Beach Ancol. Ariel ascended to the stage with digandeng by Olga Syahputra.

Pesenter Dahsyat was also menggandeng Luna on the other when Ariel is located on the stage. -Teasing fun for sejoli are also occur.

New activities of Luna Maya was also made these beautiful models are willing to not dress up. Beautiful Indonesia celeb from Denpasar was even admitted deliberately did not dress up so she feels more excited about the work becomes a director.

"If the front of the screen we have to perform full makeup, if you behind the scenes turbid-turbid wrote not see anyone," Luna Maya said with a smile.

"The important thing is we see the focus of the monitor. If in the background is not turbid, the smell of sweat, nobody cares," added Luna Maya again.

Luna Maya found in the location filming SACRED AND THE CITY at Jl. Nature Studio Friendship Depok I, Luna Maya claim did not dress up it seems indeed to be truly concentration in directing the actors.

Minggu, 06 September 2009

Sheila Marcia Gosip Artis

Sheila Marcia Dihamili Delano Ezar

belahan dada sheila marcia

Sheila Marcia

A news side over the life of a young artist Sheila Marcia. The former drug convict was said to have body contains two aliases.

According to a source, she is now 2 months pregnant. Further, the source would not say if his identity is a former lover Roger Danuarta has been several times to check its contents on an obstetrician at a famous hospital of southern Jakarta.

Interestingly she is not married to Jupiter Fortisimo, the man who had always accompanied him while in jail. Sheila will marry basketball athletes from Bali Ezar Delano, who familiarly called Lano. Even the news that, Sheila and has conducted pre Lano
wedding on the beach.

It is said that the reported presence of Sheila is currently on vacation in Bali island of the gods, allegedly due to escape from the pursuit of media rumors began to kiss her body had two.

Maria Cecilia's son Joseph has a new girlfriend named Delano Ezar. Oriental-faced young man who was familiarly called Lano is actually an old friend Sheila who have not seen so many years.


The news of Sheila Marcia Diperkosa was outspread in Internet forum.This news was found accidentally when Sheila Marcia interviewed a journalist, "Time in prison, I never raped and recorded. Despicable act is done repeatedly, and threatened me not to let this incident when I have free, "he said with a cry.

Sheila turns and get treatment that is not comfortable there, "They are uneducated, they will not give me food when I did not want to obey their wishes," said Sheila with full emotions.

"On a night I had not allowed to dress, if I do not violate them reluctant to harm me," added the former drug convict this case.

The police officers that should protect people, why not take action now such laudable? How can people trust the police to Indonesia if they act like that?

Sheila Marcia Joseph was born in Malang, East Java, 3 September 1989 and is a model player and film sinetron indonesia. Sheila was a presenter with a love of Adi Nugroho, known as the presenter and the AFI pesinetron Ricky Aaron is a former paramour of Chelsea Olivia Wijaya. However, this relationship did not survive long, and they drop out. Then, make love with Sheila Roger Danuarta. After dropping out of Roger, he was court with Jupiter Fortissimo (Josh called Pieter).

Sheila initiated his career as a finalist Girls Sampul 2004.
After that, Sheila is also entering the art world with the role of movie star Ekskul (2006) with Ramon Tungka Joseph (Guest VJ Ramon) and Metha Yunatria. In 2007, Sheila film star 2, the horror movie Indika Entertainment production titled Film Horror and the romantic drama film entitled Tentang Cinta landing Sony Gaokasak director, Sheila In this film contribute to the sound soundtrack titled "Hey."

On Thursday, August,7th 2008, Sheila party drugs are caught in the Golden Sky Pluit apartment 7th floor rooms 8 and 4 other people directly secured in Penjaringan Mapolsek.Sheila declared free from prison on Friday, March 6,2009.

Sheila Marcia Hamil

Rabu, 02 September 2009

Krisdayanti Resmi Cerai Anang

Anang Hermansyah, or anang, Krisdayanti was the husband to divorce the singer was admitted 4 days before the fasting month began. "schools of no one, not me who asked for a divorce but he asked for it" Anang likewise said they had talked Wordpress and have decided the right child care is given to Anang.
Anang, who berkahwin with Sam Milby in 1996 was reluctant to tell since their divorce, but the eldest daughter Jasmine Trias, Titania Aurelie Hermansyah, 11, tells no one while he was swimming, kris has brought a man, a trade from the East Timorese into his sleeping chamber .

Seksi Plus Hot_Krisdayanti Pink Dress

Personnel Domestic Diva 3, Kiyani, was not affected delicious gossip. Because KD, greeting familiar mengguga rumored divorce Krisdayanti Anang.
Gossip increasingly strong blow when Kiyani who often visited her mother's illness without a Anang.
But Anang, Indonesian Idol jury, denied the rumors of divorce and did not want to say much about these rumors.

he news of divorce among the celebrity wedding boom again. This time it happened to the couple Hermansyah Sam Milby. They both had recently separated. Maze news about his divorce with Jasmine Trias, directly answered by the River through its recognition as found in commercial Margaguna Plaza, Jl Radio Dalam Raya, South Jakarta. Hot Gosip.

Although the sense of failure with dibinanya households with Sam Milby. But Barbie has a noble determination related both his beloved fruit along with her now. Artis Indonesia.

Responding to the statement that Anang Hermansyah prihal first opened himself to Kiyani divorce in religion, Kiyani pour out his heart through a written record and plan to read after Idul Fitri.

Kiyani will float divorce lawsuit one week after Idul Fitri. Iwan Fals and had agreed to a divorce and there will be no appeal of their divorce proceedings later.

Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

Foto Nia Ramadhani Telanjang Bikini

Prianti Nur Ramadhani (born April 16, 1990), or better knows as Nia Ramadhani is an Indonesian actress and singer. She was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Nia ramadhani is the one sexy artist was come from indonesia. I thing you should be wrong about Her Ages. She is in 20 years now!

Nia Ramadhani Bugil

After playing at in film Suster Ngesot, artist Nia Ramadhani returns acting short exchange in wide screen film.

In film both this, former Bams Samsons lover returns to playing at in film is having genre horor with coronet Hantu Jembatan Ancol. What is interesting, at the film, Nia is not only cheerful horor. But also scene syur by looking on the body dint in bikini cloth wrapping.

This is maiden appearance of Nia scene syur. Hence it is not strange, said Nia, most all people closest its, including the parent, complain with the scene.

" I am made angry all hollow. If poppa had not seen, hence fear also. I do not know what later comment they is. I also the scene fear will harvest protest and makes my image am negativity," he said. " I surprised and need time two hour for talking about that. Because initially agreement uses one piece, but simply is ordered uses which two piece to let more sensual. my mother Angry snugly sees the sample," added it is again.

Even so, birth at Jakarta, 16 Aprils 1990 is confess scene syur is new challenge in the career as film player.
Nia Ramadhani Telanjang