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Minggu, 06 September 2009

Sheila Marcia Gosip Artis

Sheila Marcia Dihamili Delano Ezar

belahan dada sheila marcia

Sheila Marcia

A news side over the life of a young artist Sheila Marcia. The former drug convict was said to have body contains two aliases.

According to a source, she is now 2 months pregnant. Further, the source would not say if his identity is a former lover Roger Danuarta has been several times to check its contents on an obstetrician at a famous hospital of southern Jakarta.

Interestingly she is not married to Jupiter Fortisimo, the man who had always accompanied him while in jail. Sheila will marry basketball athletes from Bali Ezar Delano, who familiarly called Lano. Even the news that, Sheila and has conducted pre Lano
wedding on the beach.

It is said that the reported presence of Sheila is currently on vacation in Bali island of the gods, allegedly due to escape from the pursuit of media rumors began to kiss her body had two.

Maria Cecilia's son Joseph has a new girlfriend named Delano Ezar. Oriental-faced young man who was familiarly called Lano is actually an old friend Sheila who have not seen so many years.


The news of Sheila Marcia Diperkosa was outspread in Internet forum.This news was found accidentally when Sheila Marcia interviewed a journalist, "Time in prison, I never raped and recorded. Despicable act is done repeatedly, and threatened me not to let this incident when I have free, "he said with a cry.

Sheila turns and get treatment that is not comfortable there, "They are uneducated, they will not give me food when I did not want to obey their wishes," said Sheila with full emotions.

"On a night I had not allowed to dress, if I do not violate them reluctant to harm me," added the former drug convict this case.

The police officers that should protect people, why not take action now such laudable? How can people trust the police to Indonesia if they act like that?

Sheila Marcia Joseph was born in Malang, East Java, 3 September 1989 and is a model player and film sinetron indonesia. Sheila was a presenter with a love of Adi Nugroho, known as the presenter and the AFI pesinetron Ricky Aaron is a former paramour of Chelsea Olivia Wijaya. However, this relationship did not survive long, and they drop out. Then, make love with Sheila Roger Danuarta. After dropping out of Roger, he was court with Jupiter Fortissimo (Josh called Pieter).

Sheila initiated his career as a finalist Girls Sampul 2004.
After that, Sheila is also entering the art world with the role of movie star Ekskul (2006) with Ramon Tungka Joseph (Guest VJ Ramon) and Metha Yunatria. In 2007, Sheila film star 2, the horror movie Indika Entertainment production titled Film Horror and the romantic drama film entitled Tentang Cinta landing Sony Gaokasak director, Sheila In this film contribute to the sound soundtrack titled "Hey."

On Thursday, August,7th 2008, Sheila party drugs are caught in the Golden Sky Pluit apartment 7th floor rooms 8 and 4 other people directly secured in Penjaringan Mapolsek.Sheila declared free from prison on Friday, March 6,2009.

Sheila Marcia Hamil

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