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Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

Artis Cantik Luna Maya

Luna maya is a beautiful actress indonesian and Artis Cantik Indonesia. Hot Actress, Beautiful girl from indonesian and sexy girl or asian sexy girl, asian beautiful girl.
Luna Maya bugil
Foto Cantik

Luna Maya telanjang
Luna Maya

Ariel 'Peterpan' and Luna Maya looks sheepish when one stage Sunday (19/4/2009) the night. Sejoli the digosipkan recently married in Bali for the first time show a little intimacy. Ariel Luna kissed cheeks.

Events that rarely appear in the display glass for the first time it happened while Ariel Peterpan crew and other ascended the stage at the event Dahsyatnya Award, in the Dome, Carnival Beach Ancol. Ariel ascended to the stage with digandeng by Olga Syahputra.

Pesenter Dahsyat was also menggandeng Luna on the other when Ariel is located on the stage. -Teasing fun for sejoli are also occur.

New activities of Luna Maya was also made these beautiful models are willing to not dress up. Beautiful Indonesia celeb from Denpasar was even admitted deliberately did not dress up so she feels more excited about the work becomes a director.

"If the front of the screen we have to perform full makeup, if you behind the scenes turbid-turbid wrote not see anyone," Luna Maya said with a smile.

"The important thing is we see the focus of the monitor. If in the background is not turbid, the smell of sweat, nobody cares," added Luna Maya again.

Luna Maya found in the location filming SACRED AND THE CITY at Jl. Nature Studio Friendship Depok I, Luna Maya claim did not dress up it seems indeed to be truly concentration in directing the actors.

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